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Toronto magician Chris Westfall

Chris Westfall, a Highly Entertaining and Funny Magician Shows his Techniques and Explains These New and Imaginative Magic Tricks.


If you're a restaurant magician or you want to add some innovative new magic tricks or illusions to your strolling magic repertoire, this the the DVD for you.

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The advice alone from Magician Chris Westfall is worth the nominal price of this collection, but the outstanding, practical material makes this a must-read.

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Chris has performed at 1000s of conventions, corporate events, fund-raisers, birthdays and family events all over Canada and the US. Audience members always leave with the look of astonishment and splitting laughing pains. Chris explains his best tricks and explains how you can be the most popular magician in your area.

Chris performing for music rock band Green Day.

“Wow, your ears must have been ringing yesterday when you left because all the boys couldn't stop talking about you. It was so cool to see them trying to figure out how the tricks were done. You certainly put on a fantastic show and anyone who is looking for a magician, I will certainly keep you in mind. Thanks again for everything and it was such a pleasure meeting you.”
“Thank you so much for the entertainment! You are truly the "whole package, the real deal". Your talent shines through and all my guests had one common observation - where did you get that guy - he is great! (I didn't want to tell anyone that I was just lucky I chose you.)

You are dependable and professional, and in my book, that's everything!

Thanks again for a successful evening.”
“Chris Westfall, as usual, you were a huge hit and brought this party alive .... Thank you so much for the crazy magic and all the giggles and laughs ..... you truly were born to entertain and we can't wait to have you here for the adults show on girls night! (amazing magician/comedian folks, inbox me for info or have a look at his website”